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IDPA Software

ForScore Version 3

At this time, version 3 is only

available as a paid upgrade for

existing users - not for new users.

If you purchased your existing ForScore license on or after October 1, 2012, please click the Free Upgrade button and fill in the form. If you want to purchase an upgrade to your license, click the Buy button. You can install the software now, and it will work with your existing license through the end of June. Please back up your data files.  The new version upgrades the data file format.  After upgrading, your files cannot be used by an older version of ForScore.

An Important Note About Support:

I enjoyed my brief “retirement” from IDPA software.   Part of the reason I’m only making the new version available to existing users is to lessen my support headaches. Please do not phone me with software questions or problems. Either - 1. Post a question on my support forum. or 2. Send an email. Thanks for your consideration. --  Jane
ForScore Version 3