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ForScore Version 3.5 -

       2015 Update

Version 3.5 (2015 rules) is available

for new users and as a paid upgrade

for existing version 2 users. 

If you have already purchased a

version 3 license upgrade, that will

cover this update.

By popular demand (and YOU OLD PEOPLE know who you are !!!), the installer has been reworked to be compatible with WIndows XP. If you want to purchase an upgrade to your license, or a new license, click the Purchase button. Please back up your data files.  The new version upgrades the data file format.  After upgrading, your files cannot be used by an older version of ForScore. A copy of your old software and its data files will remain on your computer.  You will have two versions of ForScore on your desktop.  The blue icon is the old program with your old matches. The green icon is the new version. It will have a copy of your shooter database.  It will also have your old matches, but the registrations will be read-only.  If you need to recreate results from old matches, please use the old version of ForScore to do so.

An Important Note About Support:

I enjoyed my brief “retirement” from IDPA software.   Part of the reason I did not initially make the new version available to existing users was to lessen my support headaches.  And I truly question my sanity at provisionally backing off from that.... I have a day job.  I have very little time for IDPA software and support. Please do not phone me with software questions or problems. Either - 1. Post a question on my support forum. or 2. Send an email. I’ll try to reply within 24 hours.  But I can’t guarantee that. If you are doing a sanctioned match using multiple computers, please test ALL your setup at least a week in advance.  If you have trouble with connectivity, permissions, firewalls, etc., get a local computer guy to help you. Thanks for your consideration.  --  Jane
ForScore Version 3.5